Off to sunny California!

A few of our valued team members headed to Long Beach, CA earlier this month to attend the ChainGangMeeting by Market Vision.  Julie Weisenberger, Chris Wales, and Joey Beyersdorfer represented Clear Packaging.  These individuals have a great deal of industry experience to share as well as a passion for learning.  There was a tremendous amount of information shared and new connections made.

It looks like everyone had a great time.  Check out the Photo Gallery of the event.

Clear Packaging team attended Chain Gang Meeting (Market Vision) November 2023

Chris Wales, VP of Technical Services; Julie Weisenberger, VP of Client Services; Joey Beyersdorfer, VP of Sales & Marketing

Why attend industry events

There is no doubt that in-person events can present an opportunity to meet experts in your field, make new connections, and increase your knowledge of various resources.  A high percentage of attendees will agree that they learn valuable information from other attendees, exhibitors and let’s not forget the speakers.  Brand awareness can also be key driver for small businesses or new start up companies.

The investment made in time and money for attending trade shows and conferences can certainly pay off well as you look to grow your business and the increase the value your business brings to the table.  Networking and building relationships have always been key components for success.


Clear Packaging will see you at an event soon!