Advanced Analytics

We Turn Raw Data into Powerful Visualizations

Through digitization, we transform all the data collected in the laboratory into actionable insights through intuitive dashboards, charts and reports. We are committed to providing our clients with accurate, reliable and timely information. Solving packaging challenges with fact-based data provides a great foundation in a changing environment.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Our unique cloud-based portal ClearVUE provides fast and easy access to your packaging testing results, anytime and from anywhere. By leveraging the power of data, we empower the packaging industry to be more productive, efficient, and sustainable today and into the future.


A single source of data across your entire team.

Our reporting delivers data in the right way, simply. All reports are made to be applicable at all levels of an organization. Be on the same page for sourcing reviews and supplier discussions using a standardized mechanism for reviewing performance.


Answer the questions that actually matter, in real-time.

The proprietary content and layout of our reports were created by and for packaging professionals. We provide custom tools for the industry and we know what works. All our documentation is complete, insightful, and simple. It’s made for quick response scenarios.


Actionable insights get you where you need to be.

We go way beyond binary reporting of data points. We also include industry comparatives, trending issues and potential root causation allowing you to target your effort appropriately and efficiently.

Visualize Your Data

Interested in interacting with our ClearVUE data visualization platform? Click the link below to see how we transform testing data into valuable insights and unite the packaging supply chain, one test at a time.

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Popular Features

Packaging analytics like never before. ClearVUE™ allows every stakeholder within your organization the access to powerful information they need to make data-driven decisions and have a central source of truth.

  • Excel Data Exports

    Enjoy various dashboards and reports, all designed to provide your testing data in a format that makes it quick and easy to digest. You also have the ability to export data into Excel, providing additional flexibility for review, manipulation and analysis of your data.

  • Facility Provided Data

    We’ve designed our analytics portal with you in mind. Keep important testing results provided directly by your suppliers’ production facilities in a single place.

  • Specs & Methods Repository

    Information is key and a single source of truth for specs and testing methods is critical. Utilizing ClearVUE’s unique knowledge base makes it efficient to handle a lot of data across all teams. Current, accurate data is readily available.

  • Critical-to-Quality Parameters Tracking

    With so many parameters across various categories tested, you have a lot of information to review and analyze. ClearVUE allows you to identify the key parameters that are most critical and quickly view and respond to them when necessary.

  • Corrective Actions Management

    Identifying and addressing an issue timely is key. All parties have real-time visibility to manage and drive resolution of issues that trigger a corrective action. Complete and timely follow through with date stamped notes allow for transparency and accurate record keeping.

  • Significant Non-Conformance Alerts

    Driving continuous improvement requires being proactive. Automatic notifications and a built-in response system allows for all parties to work together to improve packaging quality.

  • Project Analytics & Gantt Chart

    Track all of your on-demand projects in one place, keep tabs on their progress, and request new projects all with the convenience of a centralized repository.

  • ERP-agnostic Integration

    Prefer to have your data integrated into your own dashboards?  We can securely transfer data to SA, Oracle, AWS, etc.

ClearVUE Non-Conformance Breakdown Introduction

View all instances when a parameter is out of spec or is a Non-Conformance. With drill-down capabilities in a nested pie chart, quickly assess how parameters are performing across all 6 categories.

ClearVUE Dashboard Introduction

With the Dashboard, quickly access a comprehensive, filterable view of the overall health of your packaging supply chain.

ClearVUE Parameter Performance Introduction

With this unique report, access both a graph for a visualization and a searchable table. Identify how specific parameters are trending, variation from target, searchable for user-defined timelines.

Integrated Tools That Resonate

  • Embedded Analytics
  • Real-Time Data View
  • Expanded Trending
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Interactive Reports
  • Advanced Graphics
  • Client-Based Dashboard
  • Routine Static Summaries
  • Responsive Staging
  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Active Notifications
  • Licensing Option for External Use
  • Ad Hoc Querying
  • Visual Workflows
  • Multi-Source Responding
  • Superior Security

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Drive efficiency and cost savings with real-time data.

Clear Packaging takes packaging testing to the next level. With a quick turnaround in our lab, we then provide operational data in real-time. Once uploaded, Dashboards and reports reflect this and our end users have what they need, in a format they need, and when they need it!

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