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Internationally Accredited. Packaging Centric.

Through both routine and project-based assessments, our state-of-the-art third party packaging testing laboratory is suited for product analysis throughout the entire packaging industry.

All packaging testing at our facility is completed in our climate-controlled laboratory using specialized equipment that is sourced, calibrated, and utilized exclusively for packaging measurement. We are recognized through the ISO 17025 accreditation and our technicians are adept at accurately testing hundreds of parameters across six categories.

Clear Packaging is proud to have knowledgeable and experienced lab techs that demonstrate the highest competency in the industry while delivering reliable and timely results to our clients.

Our Testing Capabilities

Let us do the heavy lifting! We understand that your packaging is very important to your customers. Through our extensive packaging testing methods, you will have the critical and unbiased data to make the right decision for your packaging challenges.  View our Recommended Tests page for more information.

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  • 45-Degree Tilt
  • Static Leak Test
  • Seep Test
  • Oscillation
  • Rigidity Testing
  • Torque Cap Application/Removal
  • Cup/Bowl Lid Application/Removal
  • Top-Load Compression
  • Weight Withholding
  • Sutherland Ink Rub
  • Fiber Tear
  • Angle of Slide
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Seam Separation
  • Dispenser Singulation
  • Elongation
  • Spencer Impact Test
  • Deflection
  • Vertical/Horizontal Depression
  • Adhesive Peel Strength
  • Environmental Simulation
  • Box Compression Testing (BCT)
  • Print Clarity
  • Print to Cut
  • Print to Print
  • Print Coverage
  • Print Registration
  • Brightness Level
  • L*a*b* Color Space
  • Delta E Value
  • Material Appearance
  • Molded Graphic
  • Label Application
  • Board Condition
  • QR Code Grading
  • Graphic Draw Downs
  • Cut/Scoring Integrity
  • Edge-Cut Integrity
  • Bag Formation
  • Seam Formation
  • Handle Formation
  • Clasp Formation
  • Hinge Formation
  • Mold Deformities
  • Wrapper Condition
  • Material Consistency
  • Delamination
  • Component Weight
  • Configured Dimensions
  • Die-Cut Dimensions
  • Seam Parallelism
  • Volume Measurements
  • Nesting Height
  • Rim Roll Height
  • Interior Notch Height
  • Bottom Depth
  • Snap/Seal Diameter
  • Vent/Cutout Area
  • Circular Differential
  • Label/Apron Differential
  • Production Code Traceability
  • Case Count
  • Sleeve Count
  • Case Weight
  • Case Dimensions
  • Outer Wrap Properties
  • Slip Sheet Properties
  • Inner Sleeve Properties
  • Foreign Material
  • Edge Crush Test
  • Score Depth
  • Score Bend Force
  • Caliper
  • Basis Weight
  • Wet/Dry Tensile
  • Handle/Patch Tensile
  • Mullen Burst
  • Elmendorf Tear
  • Taber Stiffness
  • Porosity
  • Kit Level
  • Cobb Test
  • Moisture Content
  • Clarity/Haze
  • Transmittance
  • Graves Tear
  • Pendulum Tear
  • Penetration Force

Improve Your Packaging

Our approach is to be thorough and precise with every test completed.  We offer various solutions to our clients to address their specific packaging needs.

Packaging testing provides a high level of confidence that your product will remain protected from damage or deterioration during transportation and distribution. Additionally, it can help lower your packaging expenses by determining the proper protection levels, minimizing the amount of packaging materials required (light-weighting), and allowing you to be proactive in packaging decisions.

We make the process easy. Start a Routine Product Testing program with Clear Packaging, where we handle all the onboarding of your suppliers.

Onboarding Made Easy

Routine Product Testing

Packaging that fails in the field is never a good thing. Effective product testing is essential in order to reduce variability during manufacturing and to maintain the highest level of customer loyalty.

Finding the time and resources for routine packaging testing within your daily operations may be difficult and costly. Don’t let this prevent you from having your packaging tested to ensure on-going quality.

Clear Packaging is here to be that resource!

As an extension of your internal teams, we partner with brands and suppliers every day for Routine Product Testing. This is our most popular program, and it has proven to be hugely successful across various industries.

Routine testing analytics allow insightful decisions to be made and can help differentiate a brand’s product from others in the market or industry. Another great benefit of routine testing is that it provides a great deal of data over time, allowing trends to become evident and opportunities for improvement quickly identified.

Tangible benefits gained by Brands and their Suppliers include:

  • Improvement of raw material quality
  • Comparative performance across supply chain
  • Aligned expectations/specs between brands and their suppliers
  • Easily pinpoint waste reduction opportunities
  • Automated monthly reporting to facilitate data-driven decisions
  • And more!


At Clear Packaging, our testing laboratory is equipped to handle your testing needs for that specific packaging project you just got assigned. Or perhaps there is a unique packaging challenge that has bubbled up recently and you want to get to a root cause quickly and with confidence.

When you need important information about your packaging, turn to Clear Packaging and our trusted 3rd party testing laboratory team to deliver all the key data required in a timely manner.

We take on many projects across the multiple industries we serve. Let us help with your sustainable packaging goals or reducing material in a specific product. Projects we take on today include:

  • Raw material inspection
  • Competitor analysis
  • Qualification of a new supplier
  • Prototype testing for R&D teams
  • Effects of various environmental conditions across packaging life-cycle
  • Light-weighting of packaging products
  • And more!

Have a project in mind? Reach out to our Project team today and get a free quote.

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Defect Audits are highly focused on the customer. Learn more about how a defect audit provides tangible data on how well packaging products are performing in the field.

Defect Audits

A founding principle for our company is that with better data and more communication, there could be a paradigm shift in the performance of packaging.

The quality of packaging earns customer loyalty while managing costs. Performing a defect audit on finished packaging products can help determine what defects exist and to what extent.

These audits help a manufacturer improve and maintain quality. Through our ISO accredited and unbiased testing laboratory, we provide data that brings benefits to both brands and suppliers:

  • Full-case inspections (every product reviewed)
  • Captures Distribution Center related issues
  • Provides quantitative defect rates and rankings across the supply chain
  • Physical retains of defective sets are sent to Brand and Suppliers for review

A Solution for Every Step of the Process

We offer innovative quality programs throughout the entire supply chain. With an exclusive focus on the assessment of packaging and related raw materials, we know how to translate product data into opportunity.


Ensure the product’s success at the earliest stages of development and design by identifying required performance constraints.


Establishing the key risk elements up front and knowing how to measure those pre-market, allows a faster, more successful entry into the field.


Ongoing assessment of packaging safeguards the Brand and Supplier from  significant defect events while also confirming specification compliance.

Field Validation

Upon discovery of defects, perform a complete assessment of the issue and causation.


Limit the impact of sourcing and design changes through knowledgeable, independent monitoring of new products.

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Our Testing Laboratory is Here to Help You

packaging offers a branding and a functionality opportunity to set companies apart from their competitors.

Contact Clear Packaging today to understand the programs we offer and the various testing methods provided so you can begin your Packaging Quality Assurance Lifecycle Strategy today!

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