Onboarding Made Easy

A Great Client Experience Begins With A Successful Onboarding

At Clear Packaging, we strive to provide Brands and their Suppliers with a positive and personal onboarding experience into our Routine Product Testing program.

Our Sales team is often the initial point of contact. When a new client initiates the Routine Product Testing program, the number one goal is to collect the necessary information needed for program set-up while providing a great experience for our new client. The relay of information and relevant details to the Client Services team is complete and allows for a seamless handoff.

A member of the Client Services team will begin the process of creating profiles for Suppliers and the Brand within ClearVue, the analytics side of the program complete with Dashboards and drilldown report capabilities that allow great insight into the Routine Testing Program results. The targeted SKUs are also loaded so NOTRs (Notice of Testing Requirements) can be triggered to go to facilities at the proper time.

Client Services will handle as much of the engagement and communication with suppliers as needed. Brands often do very little during the initial set up of the program, copied on all communications but allowing Clear Packaging to handle the bulk of the work.

Together with Brands and Suppliers, Clear Packaging truly is an extension of packaging teams and exerts a collaborative effort to achieve packaging goals.

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Program Definition
  • Establish goals/define program scope
  • Identify targeted SKUs
  • Create Supplier and Facility profiles

Supplier Onboarding
  • We manage communications with Suppliers to introduce the program(s) and to provide training
  • Typically completed within 2-3 weeks from launch

Dedicated Client Services Team
  • ClearVUE Data Portal training
  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Consultation Services where indicated
  • Internal/external meeting support