Recommended Test Methods On Four Common Types Of Packaging Material

Packaging plays a crucial role in various industries. Consumers, brands, and manufacturers rely on packaging to ensure safety, convenience, and a superior experience.

Maintaining the safety of food products is of the utmost importance in the food and beverage industry. The use of protective materials and processes is vital in keeping the food fresh inside and preventing external contaminants from entering.

Industries such as consumer packaged goods, restaurants, retail, E-commerce, and manufacturing consider various factors when selecting packaging materials, such as heat sealability, strength, printability, sustainability, and barrier properties like water, oil, and gas.

Data has become a crucial element in decision-making processes today, including packaging decisions. By analyzing historical data, brands and manufacturers can develop better packaging and processes to improve product safety and satisfy consumers. Data can also help identify the root causes of issues and highlight opportunities for improvement. Packaging is a significant component of product safety, and access to reliable data about your packaging and raw materials can ensure high quality packaging is delivered to consumers by brands and manufacturers.


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