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Through both routine and project-based assessments, our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory was built to serve the needs of the global packaging industry.

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We digitize your packaging testing data to automatically derive cost reduction and quality improvement opportunities that will resonate at all levels within your organization.

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We don’t make packaging – we make it better – by partnering with Brands, Packaging Converters, and Raw Material Suppliers to improve quality, reduce costs, promote sustainability, and enhance the overall end user experience.

We are equipped with both a Client Services Team and a Project Team to ensure your success.  We do this by meeting with clients on a regular schedule, interpreting testing data, proposing corrective actions, sharing industry best practices on test methods and sustainability initiatives, maintaining specs on products, and providing facility audits and consulting as needed.

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How We Help

Routine Product Testing

Ensure specification compliance, reduce waste, and proactively identify cost and quality improvement opportunities through ongoing, scheduled assessments of both raw materials and finished products.

Project Based Testing

Whether it’s new product or supplier qualification, performance benchmarking, root cause analysis, or competitive comparisons, our Projects Team will design a testing scheme for your exact requirements.

In-Field Defect Audits

We quantify true in-field defect rates by collecting product samples directly from distribution centers or retail locations, and then test each and every product in our laboratory to reveal the true quality of what you’re buying.

Sustainability Analysis

Through a comprehensive set of testing, software, and consulting offerings, we can provide sustainability measures, tools and services for every stage of a packaging product’s lifecycle.

Specification Development

By analyzing existing performance data, testing key attributes, and leveraging our established industry relationships, we provide expert services to develop, update, or standardize packaging specifications.

Facility Auditing & Environmental Testing

Whether auditing against QMS standards or targeted quality tasks, our team of experienced auditors provide on-site assessments across a variety of accreditation schemes including environmental testing.

Test Method Development

We are the packaging industry experts on testing methodologies, protocols, and training. Let us design, refine, and/or document a specific method to meet your requirements.

Document Management

Our software acts as a centralized repository for your product specifications, supplier certifications, and regulatory documents, serving to reduce the time and effort required to keep them organized and secure.


Our experienced packaging experts help clients across a variety of industries achieve the highest level of packaging quality. Whether overall continuous improvement initiatives or targeted, unique projects, we are here to help resolve your packaging challenges.

Industries We Serve

Our team understands that packaging is an extension of the product it contains, and in many cases, it is the first thing a consumer sees and associates with the brand, regardless of industry. Whether that packaging is intended to keep food secure during takeout, to catch the eye of a new customer, or to ensure the product survives the delivery lifecycle, our programs are designed to operate as an extension of your packaging teams.

  • Food Service

    Hot/Cold Cups & Lids, Clamshells, Wraps, Folding Cartons, Cutlery, Straws, Paper & Poly Bags, Pizza Boxes

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Films & Wraps, Labels & Tape, Pouches, Rigid Containers, Blister Packs, Cans, Bottles, Caps & Closures

  • E-Commerce

    Paper & Poly Mailers, Corrugate, Temperature Controlled Packaging (TCP)

  • Retail

    Paper & Poly Bags, Protective & Delivery Packaging, Bulk Containers, Display & Stack Packaging, Flexible Packaging

  • Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Converters

    Raw Materials, Sustainable Alternatives, PCR and PIR Materials, PFAS/Fluorine Testing, Compostability Testing

Roles We Support

Many roles within an organization share the commitment to ensure packaging quality, performance, and affordability. At Clear Packaging, we interact with various departments within our clients’ businesses, to assess and solve unique packaging challenges. From Marketing teams that are highly focused on first impression, to Sourcing and Supply Chain teams trying to minimize waste, our experts are ready to design innovative solutions that will translate data into opportunity for all stakeholders.

Quality Assurance

A large quick serve restaurant experienced a sharp spike in consumer field complaints related to their take home bags. Clear Packaging designed a Routine Testing Program, coupled with a Defect Audit Program, to accurately capture and quantify in-field defect rates. After 24-months, those defect rates were reduced from 14%+ to less than 5%.


Introducing new, sustainable packaging product was taking 3-4 months at a global CPG company, causing them to fall behind on their sustainability goals. Clear Packaging’s Projects Team reduced that time to 1-2 weeks by testing against incumbent product to reduce subjectivity and drive fact-based decision making.

Supply Chain

When faced with an unexpected supply of incompatible cups and lids, and with no time to source additional product, a major, global coffee company asked Clear Packaging to expedite cup-and-lid compatibility testing overnight, drawing from product already on hand through routine testing, to identify any compatibility concerns before they were served to their customers.

Sales / Marketing

A paper mailer company approached Clear Packaging asking how they could differentiate their product to gain a larger share of business at a global E-commerce company. Our Projects Team designed test methods to prove their product out-performed their competition in several key categories, allowing the paper mailer company to increase their sales over 38% from year-to-year.

Product Management

A global food service company, with most of their locations outside of the United States, asked Clear Packaging to audit their global supply chain and establish universally recognized specifications. After collecting samples of 155+ SKUs across 40+ global suppliers, Clear Packaging authored new minimum performance requirements, all in less than 4-months.

Strategic Sourcing

Data from Routine Product Testing revealed a folding carton was over-engineered to specifications, but still passing all critical-to-quality tests. Utilizing that data to re-engineer the product resulted in a cost reduction of 12% per folding carton across 500+ million units purchased per year.


Production lines at several facilities for a large CPG company were consistently shutting down. The Plant Manager understood that 80% of all downtime is due to raw material issues but did not have data to facilitate conversations with his supplier. A project was designed and rigorous testing completed on incoming raw material, providing 3rd party unbiased data that clearly showed quality issues. Improvement in raw material reduced production downtime by 40%.


A well-known global CPG company was looking to introduce new film for two of their most iconic products to continue to meet consumer and environmental expectations. Understanding the risk to their brand as well as the financial investment, the R&D team reached out to the Clear Packaging Project Team for assistance and guidance. Working closely with the Brand to understand everything involved, an intricate and thorough testing design was created. The second generation packaging design was successful and was introduced to the market 9 months ahead of schedule.

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