Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to spending their hard-earned dollar. Their experience with a company extends far beyond the product itself. The packaging and delivery of a product can have a lasting impact on a customer’s opinion of a brand. In fact, consistency in packaging performance is essential to building customer loyalty and trust. As such, packaging testing is becoming increasingly important across a wide range of industries.

Third party testing laboratories can be a great resource to ensure packaging quality for industries such as Retail, Food Services, E-commerce, Consumer Packaging Goods, C-store, and Manufacturing. Testing laboratories provide reliable and accurate testing services that ensure the safety and quality of the brands’ products.

In the food and beverage industry, testing is essential to prevent leakage, spoilage, and contamination. For example, food manufacturers must ensure packaging is airtight and secure, to prevent spoilage from oxygen or bacteria. Brands in the Quick Serve Restaurant and Fast Casual space must be sure hot cups of coffee do not leak and that bags don’t break open while transporting food. CPG packaging must protect product both during transportation and throughout its time on supermarket and warehouse shelves.

How important is packaging to a consumer when they expect an e-commerce delivery? The expectation is that the purchase they made arrives safely at its final destination without damage. Well-tested packaging improves quality and minimizes the volume and cost of returns for the brand.

Manufacturers and suppliers have high expectations to produce quality products consistently. Removing variance from the manufacturing process is key, and testing of finished goods often gets to root causes of packaging failures quickly.

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